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JewlVision Process

The JewlVision team at Mark Jewelers uses the most current and advanced manufacturing equipment in the industry. With the help of Jewlvision technology, our team of creative designers will turn your ideas into reality.

Step 1:

Work one-on-one with a JewlVision design expert to determine the elements you want incorporated into your unique one of a kind piece.

Original Ring:

Proposed Ring:

Step 2:

JewlVision designer will carefully transform your ideas into a 3-dimensional computer model. Upon completion you will be invited into the store where you can either approve the model or discuss any changes you would like to make to the model.

Step 3:

After approval of the computer model, a wax prototype will be grown on our 3-Dimensional printer. Once ready, you will be invited again to our store for you to view and try on the prototype. It is at this critical step that you can see your idea coming to life. If there are any elements that need to be adjusted we still have the ability to do so.

Step 4:

Once you approve the wax model your piece will be cast in the metal of your choice.

Step 5:

Post casting, your piece is sanded and polished before being set with diamonds or gemstones.

Step 6:

After setting, the piece is given a final polishing before receiving an appraisal by one of our G.I.A. certified Gemologist. Your one of a kind piece is now complete and ready to be worn!

What makes JewlVision different from all of the other custom designers out there?

Marks Jewelers was founded in 1981 with the intention of delivering a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for the important moments in your life. This customer-focused mentality created a need for a custom design process for those who wanted truly unique items. Marks invested in design technology and equipment to better service these customers. With JewlVision you can actually see, feel, hold, touch, try on, and evaluate your idea at scale as it comes to life.


How do I know I will like the final product?

With the JewlVision process there are no unhappy surprises. Viewing computer renderings and tangible models will allow you to visualize the finished product before we start to produce it in metal. What kind of metal and stones will you work with?

Marks Jewelers has the ability to work with silver, gold, platinum, and an array of both precious and semi-precious stones. We will even work with your original metals in an effort to preserve all of the sentiment from decades past.


Can you make me a piece of jewelry using my own gemstones and diamonds?

Absolutely! Whether you want to use them as a centerpiece or as a compliment to your design, we can incorporate your stones into the design in the way you feel they are best represented. Through JewlVision’s unique creation process your existing gemstones and diamonds will be arranged with the same look and quality standards as the best designs on the market.


What kind of warranty do you provide for your custom work?

All of our custom pieces come with our Plain and Simple Warranty (please use pop up here with P&S Warranty so the user does not navigate away from this area).


How long does it take to make a custom piece of jewelry?

It can take between 2-8 weeks to design and manufacture your custom piece of jewelry (times vary greatly due to the complexity of the design).


Does your financing apply to custom pieces of jewelry?

Yes, our financing programs can be used towards a custom jewelry purchase. Learn More about our financing.


How do I best care and maintain my new jewelry purchase?

Your custom jewelry is just as precious as any piece you would purchase out of our case. Care for your jewelry accordingly (Learn More). In addition, you will receive an Insurance Replacement Evaluation from a GIA certified Gemologist. This will ensure you have the necessary documentation to insure your jewelry against loss, theft, or damage.

Jewelry Gallery

Anatomy Of A Ring

When designing your dream ring it is important to understand the terminology listed below. During the creation process, your dedicated JewlVision design consultant will frequently use these terms when describing specific aspects of your ring. The terminology here will also apply to custom designs beyond rings.

Halo Styles

Setting Styles


Shared Prong


Double U Cutter


Surface Prong

U Cutter




Faux Channel

Common Prong

Matching Wedding Bands

No Gaps

Puzzle Piece


With Gaps