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Marks 89

What is the common factor that leads to a purchase when comparing two diamonds? The answer always comes down to one thing: Performance. The diamond that is going to make her smile every time she looks at it is the one that gives the most sparkle, the most light, and the most life. In the ever evolving world of diamond cutting, Marks Jewelers is proud to be able to provide the exclusive Marks 89TM Diamond.

The Marks 89TM Diamond has 89 facets versus the traditional 58 facets of a round brilliant cut diamond. Years of experimentation led to a facet arrangement that creates a maximum amount of brilliance and sparkle in any diamond. Availability is limited by the additional amount of time required to manufacture the Marks 89TM Diamond. Any diamond that falls outside of this very precise range of measurements cannot become a Marks 89TM Diamond. It takes our master cutters more than three times longer to produce this cut than it does for the traditional brilliant cut. The Marks 89TM Diamond provides a value that cannot be surpassed by any comparably sized diamond.

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